Random Reading Challenge Pick for April

At the beginning of this month I used random.org to pick a number for me then I went to the piles of books I have on my bedroom floor and counted out that book. It's been a few days now and I've forgotten what number came up, but my April book for the Random Reading Challenge is.............

The Texicans by Nina Vida

When cholera strikes San Antonio in 1843, Aurelia Ruiz discovers that she might have the power to heal—and also to curse. Meanwhile, Joseph Kimmel, a schoolteacher in Missouri and the son of a Polish Jew, learns of his brother’s death in San Antonio and sets off for Texas. On his way, a runaway slave steals his horse. After being rescued by Henry Castro, a man who is importing immigrants to populate his planned city, Castroville, Joseph agrees to marry a young Alsatian girl to save her from a Comanche chief who has demanded her. Then Joseph encounters Aurelia and becomes enamored with her.

Comanches, Tonkaways, Mexican vaqueros, immigrant farmers, and runaway slaves all play a part in Joseph’s rebirth as a rancher, but when a renegade band of Texas Rangers descends upon the ranch, everything changes.


  1. i really like this idea. i might have to swipe it and try it out to work through my ridiculous pile of books.

    i'm sure i'm not the only one that tends to go for the shiny new ones, while the others get left out month after month.


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