Big Max by Kin Platt

Big Max by Kin Platt; pictures by Robert Lopshire (Canada) -(US)

Pages: 64 pages
Ages: 6+
First Published: 1965
Genre: easy reader, mystery
Rating: 5/5

First sentence:

Big Max was the world's greatest detective.

Acquired: Bought and own a copy.

Reason for Reading: My son read the book to me as his reader.

Comments: The King of Pooka Pooka calls in Big Max to find his missing elephant, Jumbo, who was kept in a locked courtyard with no possible way out. Big Max, who travels by umbrella, takes the case and follows the clues to solve the mystery and find the beloved Jumbo, as today is his birthday. Big Max is an adorable character! Very helpful and clever in following the trail of clues, not letting a false clue steer him wrong for long. My son really enjoyed this book! He found the mystery aspect exciting and tried to guess what was happening ahead of Big Max. He also thought the story was very funny and we had some laugh out loud moments. A huge success as it had ds wanting to read more than was required of him at almost every sitting! Robert Lopshire's illustrations are priceless and Big Max is a comical pastiche of the old-time detective with his deer stalker Sherlock Holmes outfit, hat pulled down so low that his magnifying glass seems to be his only sight and his diminutive size challenges him to live up to his name, Big Max. A well-written story, with plot that is sure to please young readers. This is still in publication and is now being published as a Level 2 reading level in the current series.


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