And the Winner is ......

And the winner has been randomly selected using After counting up all those +1s and +2s came up with the winner...

#2 ...... lilly

Who is very lucky she took the time to answer the question for an extra entry! What one colour would lilly choose to see if she could only see one? Her answer: "And if I had to choose only one color, it would definitely be blue."

I was really surprised with how many answered blue! Way more than half of you answered blue. I guess you would always see some colour in the sky! I loved The Celebrated Author's answer who figured since she was going to be seeing grey all the time as the other colour, did some colour combining and came up with her favourite colour combo of yellow & grey.

Personally, I was thinking the answer to this question while I was reading the book and while it would be great to see a bright colour like red, purple or orange that would mean everything would mostly be grey with just pop's of that colour every now and then. So I, personally, decided on green because it is the colour of nature and I would see it every time I was outside in the grass and trees, of course I would be restricted to living within a certain distance of the equator. But, hey, no complaints to that!

Congratulations Lilly! I'll be send you an email shortly.

For those who didn't win, look out tomorrow for another chance to win another great book!


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