Movies/DVDs/Concerts I Watched in 2010

This is a running list for the year. The list will include the movie and indicate whether it is a re-watch otherwise it can be assumed it was my first time watched (the year)(owned/rental/library/borrowed/theatre) and a brief review which could be just one word such as good, great, just OK, whatever. If I feel like expounding on the review I will. No rules here just a list with a bit of extra information. I will also note which ones I watched with my 9yo/10yo by starting off with a red (#).

January: 4

(#)1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) (live viewing at the library) - This was a load of fun. The 9yo has currently been in a phase for quite sometime where he wants to be an inventor when he grows up so this was right up his alley. I hadn't a clue what it was about going in except of course that it was based on the picture book which I haven't read since my 20yo was little, so no memory of that. Lots of laughs, fun plot and good time had by all, kids and grown ups. (Canada) - (US)

2. End of the Spear (2005) (borrowed from the library) - My sister recommended it to me and when she was telling me the story I said yeah that does sound good, in fact it sounds a lot like the Jim & Elizabeth Elliot story. I've read Elizabeth's books. So I start watching and it *is* the Jim Elliot story only told from a completely different point of view, that of Nate Saint's son and that of the natives who killed the missionaries. So Jim Elliot only appears in the first opening scenes. Anyway, great movie, very well done. I loved it. Though being a Hollywood movie the missionary part of the story was downplayed while focusing on the saving of a dying race who were killing themselves off because of their warlike lifestyle. But still the Christian conversion was handled in a positive light and the movie was truly inspirational. Not any really famous actors but a familiar face or two like the guy who played the son in Dr. Quinn and was the autistic kid in St. Elsewhere. Recommended! (Canada) - (US)

3. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009) (live viewing at the library) - I LOVED this series of books so much and was sooooo excited about the movie. What can I say, the movie does not live up to my expectations. So much was changed, all the reveals that happen near the end of the books are given away in this first movie so if you intend to read the books Do Not Watch The Movie Before You Read the Books or they will be spoiled for you. I heard this was supposed to cover books 1-3; I've now also heard it's really 1-4 but honestly it just takes all 12 books and randomly takes information and plops it into this first movie to set up the story how Hollywood has decided to tell it. So not overly impressed. Now, I didn't "hate" hate it. It was fun. I loved seeing the characters come to life and they were pretty good choices except for Steve and Darren's parody of parents. I'm glad I didn't spend money to watch it, but not unhappy to have seen it. Special effects/CGI were good. (Canada) - (US)

(#)4. Spider-Man 2 (2004) (own) (re-watch) - This is my favourite of the three movies. I know most people think it's the weakest but I just love Dr. Octopus. We've just started allowing the 9yo to watch these types of movies and he thought it was awesome. Not a lot to say. Love it. It's only my second time watching it but given enough time I'd gladly sit down and re-watch it again. (Canada) - (US)

February: 4

(#)5. Spider-Man 3 (2007) (own) (re-watch) - Watched this before, but this time we watched with the 9yo. I find this one way too lovey dovey and focused on the romantic story. I just don't like MJ from the comics, so I don't like her in the movies even though she's different moviewise. I like my super hero movies to be about the good guys fighting the bad guys, no kissy stuff. Anyway Sandman is totally awesome in this movie! I could watch his scenes over and over again. I like the movie but it's not my favourite of the three. (Canada) - (US)

(#)6. Old Dogs (2010) (live viewing at the library) - So this movie isn't going to win any awards by oh my goodness! it has been a long time since a movie made me laugh so hard as this did. The plot was all over my son's head but there was plenty of kid action and slapstick comedy that had him laughing almost as hard as the adults. If I was rating these things I'd give 5 stars, just because it made me laugh so much, I'm not the easiest person in the world to make laugh. But with Robin Williams and John Travolta in a movie you can't go wrong. The episodes at the golf course and at the zoo are priceless! (Canada) - (US)

7. The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) (live viewing at the library) - very funny but ... uh ... weird. George Clooney is always a treat to watch. But ... weird movie ... definitely funny though. Never heard of it before I went to see it. (Canada) - (US)

(#)8. Star Wars (1977) (re-watch) (own) - I've seen this movie so many times I couldn't tell you the number but saying a hundred must be pretty close to the truth. We've decided the 9yo is old enough to watch these movies now. I loved it just the same, looking forward to my favourite scenes and my favourite quotes. Ds had his friend over who has all sorts of Star Wars toys and a video game but hadn't seen the original movie before so he was all excited seeing things he's seen and heard from his game. My main roll this time was fielding questions from the kids, telling them who people were (those are the Jawa) and saying "shh" just wait and see a good part is coming up. I'll never tire of watching this. And now our future at home movie watching will continue on with the rest of the series. (Canada) - (US)

March: 3

9. 2012 (2010) (live viewing at the library) - typical disaster movie. End of the world, apocalypse scenario where the earth's core is melting and earthquakes and tsunamis eventually destroy earth. Government builds arks and the remains of humanity are left to carry on once the water's recede. Enjoyable as these type of movies get. Woody Harrelson has a wonderful minor part as a crazy guy. Special effects of course were fabulous. Fun movie but typical of the disaster movie genre. (Canada) - (US)

(#)10. The Miracle Worker (1962) (borrowed from the library) - We just finished learning about Helen Keller for our history studies so I thought we'd end by watching this movie. The only version I have previously seen is the one with Melissa Gilbert as Helen and Patty Duke as Annie. This original version was fantastic! Patty Duke is amazing as Helen and so is Anne Bancroft as Annie, they both won Oscars for their roles and deservedly so. The movie is sooo full of emotion. It is dark and intense and really a brilliant movie. I'd give this a 5/5 if I was rating these little comments. Three of us watched the movie: two adults (one who had seen the movie years ago, one who had not seen it before) and a 9yo. We were all spellbound throughout. I got chills and tears in my eyes at the water pump scene it was so well done. I will say to anyone who hasn't seen the movie to get past the opening scene before making any opinions as the movie opens with a scene where they discover the baby is blind and deaf and the word melodramatic doesn't half cover the acting. We were all laughing like crazy then I said all right quiet down, that was supposed to be sad. The movie gets better from that point on. (Canada) - (US)

11. Invictus (2009) (live viewing at the library) - If this wasn't the Tuesday Night at the Movies showing at the library I probably would not have watched it, but my sil and I have got into the habit of going to this bi-monthly event. Nelson Mandela doesn't interest me and I hate sports so it wasn't a good set up to start with but I do think Morgan Freeman is a fine actor and Matt Damon is ... welll ... Matt Damon. So it couldn't be bad, right? The movie had too much politics and not enough Matt Damon. When Matt Damon was on screen all he did was play Rugby. So not terribly impressed. One thing I hate about sports movies is when they end with the "big" game and you know they are going to win and they drag it out and finally they score that winning goal and everyone goes all crazy "yay, we won!" Nothing is more boring than that except when they dare put that last final winning score scene in slow-motion and yep, that's what they did here. So, even Matt Damon couldn't save this, plus he didn't even sound like Matt Damon with his stupid fake South African accent. This one is best enjoyed by huge Rugby fans. (Canada) - (US)

April: 6

12. Clash of the Titans (2010) (Paid money at the real theatre) - went with my sister and niece in Edmonton. We did not see the 3D version. I'm not interested in that new money grabbing gimmick, movies are expensive enough at normal prices! Decent movie, fun special effects, we all enjoyed it. Nothing special though, I wouldn't send anyone running out to watch it though. My niece had recently watched the original version at school as they had been studying Greek mythology at school earlier this year and she said she preferred the old one. I haven't seen that one since it first came out but it would be fun for a re-watch to compare.(US)

13. Planet of the Apes (2001) (watched in Edmonton at my sister's place) - This is my first time to watch this remake. As a kid I loved the old movies and have seen them all. This remake was ok, a decent movie, but they wrecked the whole story of the original movie and the book (which is a fabulous short read and highly recommended). Two things I hate were that they changed the scientists Cornelius and Zira into a rebellious young adult character who defied the "establishment" and secondly, the ending. The original ending of discovering he is on a future Earth is so much more compelling. The ending of this movie was just kind of dumb. One thing I really loved was Charlton Heston's cameo and his chance to repeat (although paraphrased) his famous lines "Damn them! Damn them all to Hell!" but in a very different context this time! Fun, but the original is way better. (Canada) - (US)

14. The Courtship of Andy Hardy (1942) (watched in Calgary at my Dad's on DVD from TCM) (rewatch)- I loved these movies as a kid sooooo much. This is the first time I've rewatched one in decades. I loved it just as much! Mickey Rooney was such a sweetheart. I just love him to pieces and Judge Hardy is the greatest Dad, I just love their talks together. This one was a lot of fun but there was a message in it about a child's right to a happy family life, a child's right to a mother and a father under one roof that is so poignant and just makes one shake one's head in shame at the modern world. (Not available on DVD)

15. Prime Suspect: The Last Witness: Season 6 (2003) (watched at my Dad's, he owns the DVD) - I love this show but don't think I have ever watched a whole episode. They are always shown in two parts on Masterpiece Theatre and invariably I watch either the first or second half. Anyway, part way into the 2nd disc I recognized a scene and realized I had seen the 2nd half of this one from that point on. Nevermind. I really enjoyed the story. Helen Mirren is a fantastic actress. I usually don't like books or movies about modern wars/terrorism but this tale of Bosnian vs Serb vendetta was very compelling. Plus it was great to see Jane and Robert together again! (Canada) - (US)

16. Avatar (2010) (watched at my Dad's he owns the DVD) - Of course the special effects,CGI and everything else are amazing. On the surface a decent enough movie. I pretty well enjoyed it when I wasn't thinking about it. I did find it quite heavy handed. ie: the big-old mean army and corporation that we could only hate with basically only one character the audience could sympathise with vs. the oh so wonderful blue people without a single "bad guy"among them. Also thought the story was unbelievable. My Dad says "That's why it's science fiction!" . (Sorry, Dad. That's fantasy.) Good science fiction should make one believe it is at least a possibility. I don't believe if humans found a new indigenous race we would go around calling them "blue monkeys" (we're already trying to keep the last few indigenous groups in the Amazon, who have never seen white man/civilization, as they are), why did they have scientists along if they weren't going to listen to them and finally if Earth was in such bad shape that is was no longer green why, when they discovered this new planet did they want some kind of metal rather than to either bring settlers to the new planet or take biological samples back to earth to help fix it. Seemed like the movie had an agenda in the first place about the big bad human race ruining everything if we don't let the oh so wonderful scientists have more control than the evil corporations. I mean that guy who was in charge of the army was a lunatic! Totally unrealistic character. (Canada) - (US)

17. The Charge of the Light Brigade ( 1936) (watched at my Dad's from his TCM DVD collection) There is a very good chance I saw this as a kid as I watched lots of old b/w movies on TV back then but I can't say for certain. I always enjoy war movies and I love any movie or book about the British Raj so I enjoyed the story of this famous attack against the man in charge of massacring many women and children. I'm also a fan of the poem by Tennyson, but that's neither here nor there. What I absolutely hated in this film was the soppy, sickly, droopy love story. I am not a romantic by any means and this love triangle involving two brothers was so soppy and overacted it caused me pain. I guess I should mention I'm not a big Erroll Flynn fan. I don't *not* like him, but he doesn't make me go weak in the knees like say Cary Grant. Fortunately for everybody involved the brother the girl did not love dies a hero's death and the other two can walk off into the sunset without a care in the world. (Canada) - (US)

May: 2

(#)18. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) (own) (re-watch) I've only seen this one a handful of times, originally seeing it in the theatre and being so disappointed in the cliffhanger ending. This is my least favourite of the original three but it does have a lot of great "creatures" humanoid and machine. I don't know the names of the things but there's the snow creatures Han and Luke ride at the beginning, the Yeti, the big turtle things with long legs to name a few. I love how Han wins over Leia in this one and we're pretty certain she has chosen Han over Luke by this point even though she does give Luke that big kiss to make Han jealous early on. How did 9yo ds react? He loved it! Said it was better than the first one. I think because the first has a lot of political talkings and this one is certainly action-packed from start to finish. He let out a great big "EWWW" and covered his eyes the first time Han and Leia kissed though (LOL). No mushy stuff for him. He did however think it was hilarious when Luke cut the Yeti's arm off. Boys! I can't wait for him to watch the third one because I know he is going to love the Ewoks. I mean who doesn't love Ewoks. (Canada) - (US)

19. Dear John (2010) (live showing at the library) I only went to see this because I've got into the habit of going to the Tuesday Night at the Movies at the library and my movie buddy was interested in seeing this. I had zero interest but was open to being wowed. The first half was ok for a romantic movie but then the second half was stupid. I pretty much didn't like it. The ending was corny and the girl did not deserve the guy at all, imho. (Canada) - (US)

June: 1
20. Cop Out (2010) (live showing at the library) Not a lot to say on this. Usual Bruce Willis fare, but at the lower end of the spectrum. A tepid action movie, quite funny at points. I wouldn't recommend it if you had to pay money to watch it unless you are a Bruce Willis groupie, but if you get free library rentals it's an enjoyable evening 's movie. (Canada) - (US)

July: 1
(#)21. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010) (live showing at the library) I haven't read the book. (yet) though I do have on of them. I really had no big desire to read it, not really appealing to me. But now I do! The movie was hilarious! There were some fantastic comic moments in this film. The humour really reminded me of "Malcolm in the Middle", very similar style. The ds loved it and so did I. I was also really surprised and pleased that the movie was totally family friendly, no swearing or suggestive scenes at all. Definitely toilet humour but done with Class A style! (Canada) - (US)

August: 2
22. Michael Buble Crazy Love Tour Concert (2010) (live) - Obviously not a movie, but the first concert I have gone to in my adult life and worthy of mention in the annals of my blog. I love this man! He can sing. He is fabulous. He can entertain. He is funny! He sits and talks. He puts on a show. He knows you paid more money than you could probably afford for tickets and he appreciates it and makes sure you get every penny's worth of it back in entertainment. I could write a novel describing the show from beginning to end. Every glorious moment. We were centre stage, on the floor, close enough to see well. But best of all ! is when he does the part where he walks through the audience and sings on a little stage in the middle of the audience ... HE WAS 4 ROWS BEHIND US. I was too far away to get to touch him but it was up close and personal. I saw the scruff of his beard and the spit flying from his mouth as he sang. I will buy this man's CD's until the day I die and even dh enjoyed himself!!! We've decided to go back every time Michael comes to London. He was there two years ago, then now. So if he comes every two to three or even five years. WE WILL BE THERE!!! And I publiclly want to thank my dh for braving all the women in that packed arena and joining the other fantastic men who accompanied their wives so they could scream and faint over another man.

But don't forget who's takin' you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin' save the last dance for me

(#)23. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983) (own) (re-watch) - We are re-watching these for the benefit of the 10 yr old who hasn't seen them yet. I knew he'd like this one a lot. I also really like it because it's funny. It's lacking in good plot and all the action scenes are more humorous than exciting but still ... it has ewoks! Lots of fun had by all who watched. Now I've explained the plot of the three new movies and we will be watching those next. I've only seen the first one as I wasn't very impressed. My son's opinion of the first three original movies: Star Wars (boring! If I didn't distinctly remember the 14 hrs of labour I would say this wasn't my kid), Empire Strikes Back (really good), Return of the Jedi (great!) (Canada) - (US)

September: 1

24. Deathtrap (1982) (Inter-Library Loan) (re-watch) - A while a go Karen over at Euro Crime mentioned that this play was on in London and I immediately thought of the movie which I'd only seen once when I was a young teenager (probably on Beta-max or Laser Disc LOL). Then she also mentioned the movie in her post. So I immediately looked to see if my library had it but they didn't so I put in an ILL anxiously hoping I would get a copy because according to amazon the movie was put on DVD in 1999 but the DVD version is now of out of print. The only thing I remembered about the movie was that it was creepy, starred Michael Caine and was twist after twist and boy was I right. Watching this time around was like seeing it for the first time, except none of the twists terribly shocked me as I was expecting something to happen (I just didn't remember what) but I was delighted at every turn it took. Ira Levin's play is probably one of the best murder thrillers ever written and this movie keeps to the play dynamics. Michael Caine is his usual brilliant self and Christopher Reeve probably gives the most brilliant performance of his career in this movie. Any true mystery fan can't go through life without taking a stop to watch this classic. I'm so glad I saw this movie again as an adult. A real good movie to watch one night while it's raining or better yet storming. (Canada) - (US)

October: 2

25. Jane Eyre (1973) (Calgary Library) (re-watch) - I watched this BBC mini-series when I was a kid with my parents on Masterpiece Theatre back in the late '70's. I recall it being in black & white but that must be because we had a b/w TV at the time. After watching it, I went on to read the book and a few other Bronte works as well. I've always had fond memories of this show and wanted to re-watch it someday so was thrilled to bring it home to watch with my dad during my vacation visiting him. It is every bit as good as I remember it! I don't think I'll ever watch another version as I think Michael Jayston is perfection as Mr. Rochester. I fell in love with him along with Jane. I also enjoyed the witty repartee between Jane and Mr. Rochester, finding it very humorous and laughed quite a bit. I know the story inside out, having read the book, twice I think, but that doesn't make me not absolutely love this adaptation. I'm not a fan of romance stories but I love this Gothic romance tale so much; the sacrifices made in the name of duty, honour and what is right in the name of God over the passions of the flesh, brings to those who follow the path ultimate happiness in the end. (And I just love Gothic tales with mad relatives in the attic!) (Canada) - (US)

26. Agatha Christie's Tommy & Tuppence: Partners in Crime, Set 1, Vol. 1. (1982/1983) (Calgary library) (rewatch) T & T are my favourite Christie sleuths and I absolutely adore this British TV series. I've seen many episodes, some more than once but I can't be sure that I've seen them all. This first disc in Set 1 contains the original 90 minute movie, which was not a part of the Partners in Crime series. The Secret Adversary is especially fun as Tommy & Tuppence are not married yet and some rivalry for Tuppence's heart expidiates Tommy popping the question at the end. This is a great mystery too! Even though I know I'd seen this one and I have read every single Agatha Christie work (well, the mysteries) I didn't remember whodunnit and my dad and I were positive we had the culprit picked out early on, but Christie makes another person seem equally guilty and we kept flip-flopping between the two until we just didn't know any more! Lots of fun! The second episode is the first 60 min. episode of the Partners in Crime series "The Affair of the Pink Pearl". This is when T & T buy the Detective Agency and have their first real case. A classic theft that takes place right under the noses of a filled room of guests, some playing Bridge, others chatting on the sofas. One actor I recognized who popped up for a small part was the guy from "The Nanny", a very young Charles Shaughnessy. I know for a fact I've seen both of these before but it was like watching them for the first time. (Canada) - (US)

November: 3

27. Cracker, Series 2 (1994) (Calgary Library) (rewatch) - I watched this when it was on TV originally and in repeats. I haven't seen it on TV in years though. Like most British programming on PBS or A&E I end up seeing parts of the three-part episodes multiple times without ever seeing all three parts or I do but out of order over a couple of years so I really enjoy watching them on DVD. I watched Series 1 before I started blogging movies/dvds. Series 2 brings three more episodes, each 3 parts long. First is "To Be a Somebody" which involves a blue collar, white man losing it when his father dies of cancer. He makes himself look like a skinhead and goes on a murder spree because of some soccer game where 96 people were killed in a riot. His rationale being that as an uneducated, working class, white man he gets treated like scum so he might as well look like scum and behave like scum. This is also DCI Billsborough's (sp?) last episode. Then is "The Big Crunch" which involves a religious cult and a missing girl who eventually is found but dies. Typical storyline crime wise but this episode is more about Penhaligan and Fitz having an affair now that his wife has left him. The last episode I had not seen at all. Finally the stunning "Men Should Weep" episode which centers around a man (who the watcher knows the identity of right away) who rapes women then has long conversations with them while they have a hood over their heads. Penhaligan is also raped and this episode also deals with controversial subjects. Rape, seen from the male perpective, suportive but confused and unsure how to act and then those who think the woman must have asked for it. This also deals with race relations. The supposed white man's fear of the "big black man" touching/attacking his wife/woman. Fitz's wife returns to him 5 months pregnant and the series ends with a majorly breath taking cliffhanger. I loved every moment of this series. Fitz is such a big fat jerk that is amazingly intelligent and brilliant that just like Penhalligan I can't help but love him. If you've never seen Cracker, I'll say that if you like House (the character) you'll like Cracker. But Cracker is a House who gambles, chain smokes, drinks whisky almost nonstop, and swears. Funny thing is though, that Robbie Coltrane, like Hugh Laurie, used to be a comedian before he took on this dramatic role. (Canada) - (US)

28. The Murdoch Mysteries: Movie Collection (2004/2005) (Calgary Library) - I have only ever caught glimpses of the TV series but have always been interested in seeing it. This set contains the original 3 TV movies that were such a hit that the TV series was eventually made. The 3 movies are each based on the first 3 books by Maureen Jennings: Except the Dying, Poor Tom is Cold and Under the Dragon's Tail. Set in 1898 Toronto Canada these are dark, gritty murder mysteries. People aren't used to the police yet. Murdoch is treated with disdain at rich homes and asked to used the tradesman entrance at the back but he pushes himself in and lets the hoity toities know who's in charge. He's also a devotee of the new science of criminalistics. His superiors go out of their minds when he wastes his time taking finger markings, crime scene photos, microscopes to look at fibres and other such nonsense. All around fabulous British/Canadian made for TV production. The only actor I was familiar with was Colm Meaney (from Star Trek fame). I'm certainly going to be looking for Jennings novels now and though it seems she's finished with Murdoch (last one written in 2007), she's still been writing since and has a mystery set during WWII coming out next year (2011). (Canada) - (US)

29. Monty Python & The Holy Grail (1974) (watched at ny dad's) (rewatch) - living in a British household I grew up with Monty Python (my Dad's influence) and Coronation Street (my mum's influenece). So naturally I've seen every Monty python movie, show, skit out there and yes have seen this movie, but only once in its entirety and, as I can recall the friend I watched it with, I must have been between 12 and 16. I'm leaning towards the younger end of that range. So, the verdict on watching this a second time, as an adult, was just all right. I giggled a bit, mostly at witty dialogue than at the physical comedy. For example I was looking forward to the scene where the knight gets all his limbs cut off and won't give up fighting ( I remember that as being hilarious). "Just a flesh wound." It wasn't really that funny second time around. Instead I had a really good laugh at the scene of the discussion about a swallow being able to carry a coconut, an early scene in the movie, and then the reference to it much later on. I probably didn't find the humour of this as a kid. So, yeah, all right, much better as a first time watch, looses its punch after that.
(Canada) - (US)


(#)30. Gulliver's Travels (2010) (live at the theatre) - It's a tradition that we go see a movie Christmas evening/late afternoon and this year we chose Jack Black's version of Gulliver. None of us had really seen any commercials for it, just heard it was out. Jack Black is hit or miss with me, but his straight comedy is always my favourite and I expected this to be comedy and wasn't disappointed in that. As a family movie it provides what you'd expect; good, clean fun with a bit of a message at the end and a fun verion of Jack singing "War! what is it good for?" We all laughed and the 10yo enjoyed it wholly which is the point. None of us did not enjoy the movie. Personally, though, I was disappointed. Seeing that Gulliver had been done yet again, I was expecting more from it, more closer an adaption to the book, visits to all 4 islands. Why else rehash another Gulliver movie? Could someone finally make a movie of the book? But this was as far from the plot of the book as you could get. The similarities being a guy named Gulliver shipwrecks on an island of little people called Lilliput, then briefly visits an unnamed island of giants. Nothing else is the same, not even the eggs, not even a brief reference to them as a joke! So while the movie satisfies as a family movie, probably best for those who know nothing about the real Gulliver's Travels, it is a disappointment and really seems a pointless movie to make when it's just the same old thing done over again. Nothing can really compare with the made-for-TV mini-series with Ted Danson, which so far has been the best film reproduction of the original tale Swift had to tell, even if it is just a TV version.

(#)31. New Years Eve Concert at Niagara Falls (2010) (live concert) - the biggest turn out we've ever had I think, extremely massive amount of people but a fun safe environment, except for the whiffs of marijuana floating through the air but you get that anytime you're down at the falls. Three great acts this year: Kardinall Offishall (someone I've never heard of but does some kind of rap with a hiphip and reggae infusion, very good actually). Then the biggies: Great Big Sea from Newfoundland was fabulous, they had so much energy! singing both their famous songs and traditional songs. I think they are better live than recorded! Then Bare Naked Ladies, I wondered what they'd be like live without the chubby guy who left the group but they were still great. Ed did 90% of the singing and the new guy harmonized with him. Million dollars was fab-u-lous and they sang it twice! Once before the show went live on TV and of course for the TV folks too. They put on a great show, clowning around, telling jokes, breaking into rap about the concert and the show while telling jokes and they did this little musical skit pretending to be a boy band, then a girl band; it was hilarious. Both groups are true preformers and definitely worth paying money to see. Good time had by all!


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