Contest: And the Winner Is ....

And the winner has been randomly selected for Howard S. Smith's I, robot. Congratulations to ......... Book Dragon ! If Book Dragon had a robot with AI here's the one thing she'd like it to do for her at home:

"I would want a robot that did dishes. Dusting. Wait, can the robot to all the household chores I hate to do? ;-)"

I think chores would count as one thing as lots of people answered housework. In fact, every answer was a variation on the theme! Some people were a little more specific naming laundry, grocery shopping and washing dishes.

Now I know why there are so many infomercials for household cleaning gadgets! The industry must be a goldmine.

Congratulations, Book Dragon. I'll be dropping you an email shortly.

If you didn't win today, there is always another chance so stay tuned for another giveaway where I've got great book up for grabs!


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