Two GNs for Kids - Greek Mythology & Babymouse

#198 - Jason and the Golden Fleece retold by Nel Yomtov, illustrated by Gerardo Sandoval, 63 pgs, 8+, 2009, graphic novel. - I read this aloud to my son; it being a little too hard for him to read himself comfortably and he wanted me to read it to him. Ds is already familiar with the tale of Jason as I had read a lengthy retelling in Classic Myths to Read Aloud by William F. Russell but that book has no illustrations. This graphic adaption was all we hoped it would be! A well-told, detailed retelling written in chapters. Most of the exciting bits of the journey are there and the story keeps well to the original myth with the limited 63 pgs. The illustrations are gorgeous and it is wonderful to see the story brought to life before your eyes in this way. The illustrator's style is a very modern comic book look though Jason is drawn in an almost anime style though his features stay recognizably masculine. I highly recommend this book and others in the myth series, especially to boys who are reluctant readers; with the book being at a 2.4 RL it will appeal right up to early teens. I received this book for review from Stone Arch Books. 5/5

Other books in the myths series:
Perseus and Medusa (my review)
The Adventures of Hercules
Theseus and the Minotaur

#199 - Babymouse #10: The Musical by Jennifer L. Holm and Mathew Holm, 95 pgs, 6+, 2009, graphic novel. - This is a Cybils nominee and, dare I say it, my first Babymouse book. Sure I've seen them lined up at the library, even peeked inside them, but I don't have any daughters and my son freaks if the colour pink gets too close to him so I haven't had an excuse. Now, finally I have a real reason to read Babymouse! This was absolutely wonderful! Babymouse (as I'm sure almost everyone already knows) is an adorable character; she's a bit of a klutz and rather a goof at times but she's got lots of friends and has lots of fun. Well Felicia Furrypaws doesn't like her but then she's a cat. Babymouse gets the part of the understudy to Felicia in the school play and daydreams her way through the book going off into musical interludes that are hilarious. I'm not sure how much kids will get the musical scenes but I couldn't help singing the words as she dreamt up All That Jazz, The Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Pirates of Penzance and Annie though they will recognize The Lion King and American Idol. I'm thoroughly enamoured with Babymouse and kid's have proven they are too. If you haven't read Babymouse yet this is a great one to start with! 4.5/5


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