OT: Canadian MP Slams Abortion Regime

This is an off topic post about politics and pro-life; please kindly skip and do not read if you do not share the same values.

Despite the fact that Canada has one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world and that recent polls show that most Canadians would prefer to have some restrictions on abortion, the political pressure to keep the status quo on the issue is so firm that it is rare for a Canadian politician to even mention the issue, let alone critically.

But one Conservative MP has bucked the trend of silence and recently issued a salvo against Canada's "abortion regime" that he argued is directly and seriously harmful to mothers, as well as their unborn children.

"As a compassionate, caring, progressive society, we should provide the kind of support and options for the expectant mother, so that she doesn't feel her only choice is to choose death for her offspring," said Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott in a hard-hitting press release issued last week. "To put women in that kind of position is not the hallmark of a caring, compassionate, progressive society. That's providing 'no choice.'" ... Read More

To contact MP Maurice Vellacott to express your support:
Maurice Vellacott, MP
Unit 3-844 51st Street East
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 5C7

Tel. 306-975-4725,
Toll Free 888-844-8886
Fax 306-975-4728
Email: vellam1@parl.gc.ca


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