Hatter M. Series

237. Volume One: The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor with Liz Cavalier. art by Ben Templesmith. 2007. 176 pgs. ages 14+ - I haven't read the novels so I'm jumping in here with no prior knowledge of the story. I am under the presumption that this is a parallel story to Alice's story in the original novels. It's easy enough to figure out that Hatter has been separated from Alyss and is spending his time searching for her. He lands in Paris and later takes a puddle to Budapest. There is a flashback to the novel retelling how and why Alice escapes to our world. So I felt pretty comfortable with the story though there were many references to people and things that alluded me. This is a strange story. It held my interest but I'm not exactly sure whether I would say I really enjoyed it. It was OK. The artwork has an ethereal quality to it making it very unusual, it is dark and done in various monotones with a small splash of contrast colour in each colour palette. I didn't find it very appealing. The plot is interesting. I am intrigued to see what will happen in Volume Two and at this point I'm thinking it is probably wise to read the novels before the graphic novels. 3/5

238. Volume Two: Mad With Wonder by Frank Beddor with Liz Cavalier. art by Sami Makkonen. 2009. 208 pgs. ages 14+ - Starting off in Wonderland Redd receives a report of the events of book one (this also helpfully refreshes the reader's memory) then we return to Hatter who is now in London and five years have gone by since his search began. He then leaves London for America at the time of the Civil War, fighting all sorts of enemies from earth and Wonderland as he continues to search for Alyss. I've become more comfortable with the story at this point but with the appearance of characters from the novels realize one should read this series after the books. The artwork is done by a different person than the first book and is much more visually appealing using a palette of browns, blues, yellows and greys with touches of red here and there it has a dark atmosphere. Interesting story line which particularly deals with madness. I especially enjoyed the episodes taking place in the sanatorium. I'll read the novels now before I continue with the GNs. 4/5


  1. What wonderful covers! Too bad my library doesn't have them. :(


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