The Artemis Fowl Graphic Novels

Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel adapted by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Conkin. Art by Giovanni and Paolo Lamanna

Artemis Fowl series

Book 1: Artemis Fowl - It has been so long since I read the novel that I barely remembered the story before I started to read this. I wasn't impressed with the first Artemis Fowl novel but reading it in graphic novel format seems to have done it a bit of good as I did quite enjoy this version, though I still find the story rather on the mundane side. The end of each chapter finishes with a dossier on a character, event or place which adds a lot of background information in a unique way; I found these entertaining and hope they continue throughout the series. I love the illustrations and seeing the characters coming to life, so to speak. Holly and Butler were done very well but Artemis was not how I envisioned so he had to grow on me through the book. I felt that Artemis was also presented not as mean as he was in the novel. Sure he is shown as self-centred, mean, with no remorse but he's even worse in the novel. My favourite character is Mulch Diggums and I love how he has been brought to the page. A good adaptation of a not so great book that starts off a much better series. 3/5

Book 2: The Arctic Incident - This is when the Artemis storyline really picks up and as I enjoyed the novel I also enjoyed the graphic adaptation. Artemis is learning about caring and friendship, but of course that doesn't stop him being a criminal mastermind. The fairy People need Artemis' help with a goblin uprising and in return he wants their help in rescuing his father, what follows is an action-packed adventure full of close calls, magic and double crossing. The dossiers with extra information used in the first book are present again but much less frequently which was a shame as I really enjoyed those. The illustrations are great and colour schemes used throughout are wonderful at capturing moods and atmospheres. A fun book that really captures the spirit of the novel. Fans are sure to enjoy revisiting the original book with all the visual glamour of a graphic novel. This is as far as I ever got with this series and it has made me want to get back to reading the books and I intend to continue reading the graphics as they come out. 4/5


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