And the Winner Is ...

And the winner of The Line Painter by Claire Cameron is ...............

Belinda M

Belinda says " I would rather be the person offering the ride. "

In fact every person who answered the question wanted to be the driver!! Personally, I would rather be the stranded one, remember it is "late at night". So this could mean dawn is not that far off. Anyway I would lock myself in the car and hide under blankets and wait until dawn with whatever kind of weapons I could find in my hands, including, hopefully, a can of some sort of spray. Then when daylight hits I'd start walking (with weapon) to the nearest help or for a police car to flag down. But that's just me .....

You can read my review of The Line Painter here.

If you didn't win today, there is always another chance so stay tuned tomorrow for another giveaway!

With the beginning of Advent at the end of this month and Christmas to follow, the next shall be my last contest until the new year.

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