Random Reading Challenge

I am soooooo going to be in on this one! The Random Reading Challenge is really cool! Go to the site to read all the details but here is the fun part:

1. NO lists allowed. Books for the challenge are chosen one at a time when the mood strikes.

2. Sign up at any time during the challenge period using Mr. Linky below. Please give me a direct link to your blog post about the challenge. If you do not have a blog, no worries. Simply enter your name and leave the URL box on Mr. Linky blank.

3. Book reviews are not required, but if you want to write a review I will be providing a review Mr. Linky after August 1st.

4. Books are selected one at a time using the following procedure:

Randomly select any number of books from either your physical OR your virtual TBR pile (I don’t care how you do this, but it must be random…no “cherry picking” allowed)

Assign a number to each book based on how many books you selected (ie: if you selected 14 books, assign each book a number from 1 through 14; if you selected 28 books, assign each book a number from 1 through 28…you get the idea)

Go to THIS SITE and use the TRUE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR located in the upper right hand corner of the page to randomly select the book you will read. NO CHEATING – whatever the random number generator generates is the book you must read!

Each time you select a book for the challenge, you will use this procedure. You many select different books each time, choose a different amount of books each time, etc…have fun, mix it up, keep it random.

The challenge runs from Aug.1 '09 to Jul 31 '10.

I plan on using my ARC tbr pile through Dec. then will work on books off my bedside table tbr. starting Jan. This is going to be fun!


  1. So glad you are joining!! I hope this is really fun...

  2. Gahhhh! I want to, I really really do... I just fear I've already joined too many challenges that there isn't enough room left for randomness. :(

  3. Wendy - Thanks, I know this is going to be fun. I love randomness so much!

    Trish - Why don't you put all your challenge books in a pile and randomly pick from them!

  4. I didn't think of that! Is that allowed? If so, that's a GREAT idea.

  5. From the rules, I don't see how it would not being allowed. Go ask and see!!!


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