Canadian Reading Challenge III

Posting the challenge below made me realize I hadn't made a post for the 3rd Annual Canadian Reading Challenge. It's is just such a given that I'm going to participate I guess it slipped my mind to make an official "Yes, I am joining the challenge" post. So here it is! I am joining the Challenge for the 3rd year in a row. My Canadian reading has actually dropped off a bit recently so I'll have to put some effort into getting it going again more steadily but won't be too hard as I've got some favourite authors now and I've got to read Oryx and Crake as I'll be getting a review copy of Atwood's newest book when it comes out which is not a sequel to the aforementioned but is set in the same world.


  1. Oooh, a new Atwood! So exciting. I joined this challenge as well but am having a hard time making up a list of 12 authors (mostly trying to get authors I already have on the shelf). I'll be reading Alias Grace by Atwood.

  2. I love Alias Grace!!! Enjoy!


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