Monday: Arcs in the Mail

Yep, that's right! Last week I didn't receive a single book in the mailbox. I cannot remember when that has ever happened before in the last year and a half. By Wednesday it was a little depressing but by Friday I was hoping nothing would suddenly arrive because that would mean the 3rd week in a row in which all my ARC reading was actually decreasing the number of ARCs I have!

So with my focus on YA books this month, I have managed to finish them all off from my current pile and my backlog pile this last week except for the one I'm currently reading. Stat time again! With 0 books in and 3 ARCS read and reviewed my ARC pile is 3 books smaller! And after some quick math my total percentage of ARCS received that I have read is now at 58% which is up 6% since the last time I checked! Woohoo. I'm making headway.


  1. Well, I haven't received any in months. :) Actually, I've accepted a few in the past week or so, so I'll have something, but nothing to brag about!

    Enjoy getting caught up--that must feel good at least.

  2. As much as I love finding something in my mailbox, I admit that sometimes it's a relief not to find anything inside. :-) I've cut way back in what I say yes to and so I imagine I'll have more book free weeks coming up.


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