Monday: ARCs in the Mail

Well, it was a lonely week for my mailbox last week as I did not receive any ARCs or review books of any nature. zip. nada. zilch. However, I did receive one book that I won in a contest, but more on that later. I had gotten used to the regular delivery of books in the mail so it felt very unusual last week as none continued to arrive. But as the week progressed I started to hope that none would come as I realized that all my arc reading was having a negative effect on Mt. ARC. So my stats at this point are with 0 new arcs in and 4 books read and reviewed I have 4 less ARCs left to read! Finally the pile is getting smaller!

Since things are looking this good lets actually take a look at the stats for the year, shall we? I have 112 ARCs in my home for the 2009 season (a few are leftovers from 2008) and I have read 58 of those making for a total percentage of 52% read. I was a little scared there when I wrote down 112 {whew} but the figures come out to just over half, I can't complain because I know I am reading as much as I can. This is the Year of the ARC for me and I'm having a blast!

Now on to the book I did receive! I wanted this book so much! I was the lucky winner of this at a giveaway over at drey's library


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