To My Little Sister

Well, when I wrote my list of six things that make me happy I must say that they were written in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. C'mon rain is nice of course, but it wouldn't be number #1. My sister did not like being number 5 out of 6. She can understand coming second to Michael Buble but not after rain or coffee. So I hereby declare that the things that make me happy are not in any particular order except #1 is Michael Buble and #2 is talking to my sister. But after complaining like that I am tempted to knock her down to #3 after my immediate family. Just kidding Mich! #2 spot is a tie between you and the whole family,with you a little ahead of everybody else except my kids. LOL! But if Michael Buble comes knocking, I'm outa here!!!!


  1. FINALY! I can stop crying. It is nice to know that I am your #2. Always being first is so over rated, wouldnt you agree? Anyways you know I was only teasing and we had such a laugh last night. Love you loads and loads. Talk to you soon, very soon love your #2, Mich.

  2. Do you have any idea if that first video is from a DVD? or ?
    I have one MB CD and I had forgotten how much I enjoy his voice.

  3. Hi Debbie, That first performance is from the David Letterman Show and no it isn't available in any form on DVD. I just looked on amazon. The actual video for it is amazing too. It has a James Bond theme to it and well, it's very well done.

    He is a great singer, isnt' he?!


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