Monday: Arcs in the Mailbox

Last week was a quiet week for book mail. I only received one package of books and that was last Monday, so it's been a while. But fortunately that one package was a nice big doozy from Random House Canada which more than made up for not receiving any other book goodies. Here's what I received:

So for my grand tally that brings in 5 more arcs to read and last week I read and reviewed 2 books (though really 3 but I won't review it until today so it won't count until next weeks stats), making the arc pile 3 books larger. That seems to be my average. If I can just get all the books I have earmarked to read and review for this month I will be a-ok and way on schedule, with plenty of room for personal reading too. My next 3 reads should be short quick reads helping me along. Wish me luck; this month is going by too fast for my liking. Now to get off the computer and go read!

I'll be back later though with a review of the book I finished over the weekend, The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo.


  1. I just love all these covers! Wonder if Random House has something similar for the US?


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