61. Wake

Wake by Lisa McMann
Wake Trilogy, Book 1

Pages: 210
Finished: Mar. 13, 2009
First Published: Mar 4, 2008
Genre: YA, magical realism
Rating: 5/5

Reason for Reading: I received the second book for review purposes, so just had to read the first one first.

First sentence:

Janie Hannagan's math book slips from her fingers.

Comments: Seventeen-year-old Janie gets sucked into other people's dreams. It's been happening since she was eight. Now that she is getting older things are getting worse. More and more students in high school fall asleep at their desks and Janie blacks out and enters the dreams more frequently. She blacks out at school, on the job at a seniors home, and shortly after buying her first car, while driving. This is getting out of hand and she must learn how to take control of the episodes. So far all she knows is that distance or a closed door will prevent the dreams.

I'm going to say it straight off. I loved this book so much, I could gush about it on and on. Page one and I was hooked! With an absolutely unique plot and characters that appeal to you from the first; I could not put this book down. The world around me stood still as I entered this fabulous plot.

It is a quick read, compelling and moves at a fast pace. Written in a journal type format, yet in the third person, there are no chapters but only short dated entries that make it so easy to keep saying "just a few more pages" well into the wee hours of the morning.

This is a book that is going to appeal to older teens and adults, equally. The story is very realistic; dealing with issues of abusive and negligent parents. This will haunt me for quite some time and is most certainly my most favourite book read this month.

I have now read the sequel and the review will be coming up tomorrow.


  1. I totally loved it too. Just finished with FADE and can't wait for the third and last next year! Come on 2010! (lol)

  2. This sounds like a good book! I will have to see if I can get a copy. Not like I need to start another series, though!

  3. I'm adding this to my wish list - it sounds really good!

  4. Sounds good, thanks for the review!!

  5. This one keeps popping out at me every where I go. I guess I need to bow to fate and read it soon! Sounds good. :-)

  6. Yes, it is fabulous. And all of you who haven't read it yet, hurry up and get to it!


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