Monday: ARCS in the Mail

Well, last week was like Christmas all over again. I had books arrive every day Mon-Fri. I had Canada Post, UPS and Purolator at my door. Let's look at last week's hall of arcs:

Plus to top it all off, I won a book from Graeme:

This did some damage to my tbr pile, I'll tell you! That makes 6 new arcs in and 3 read and reviewed last week, making the arc pile 3 books bigger. It's starting to topple!


  1. I think I want 3 of those books!! I'm waiting for Drood, it never occured to me it would come out as an Arc because of the author's stature, so this makes me think Arcs might be good to try. How have you found reading Arcs so far? Are you enjoying it?

  2. Hi Susan, Actually I use the word arc loosely to mean any book I receive for review purposes. Sometimes it's and Arc or galley, or uncorrected proof or as in this case the actual finished book.

    Arcs are certainly the way to go if you like reviewing new books. I just love it. I've found some absolutely brilliant books and of all the ones I've done so far I've only not liked a couple. Of course, I pick books that interest me so the odds are that I will like them.

  3. I was going to request Drood until I realized it was 700 pages long. I'm still interested but know that it might sit on the shelf for a while. :) I hope you enjoy the reads!!

  4. Yeah, Drood is a bit impossing to look at but the story sounds just my thing so hopefully it will be one of those 700 pg books that fly by faster than you anticipate.


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