A Jessica Review: Cookie

I'm very excited here at Back to Books as I have a guest reviewer who will be popping in now and then to give reviews on the books she has been reading. Her name is Jessica; she is ten years old and is my niece currently living in England. Welcome, Jessica, to Back to Books!

I hope you enjoy writing for my readers here and I know all you readers out there are going to love Jessica's contributions. Now onto her first review!!!!!

name of the book:
Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson
pages: 320
genre: realistic fiction
rating: 4/5
Author's website: www.jacquelinewilson.co.uk/

first sentence:

I turned on the television.

I thought this was a heartwarming story. I think girls 10 and up would enjoy this. I enjoyed this book because it was happy, sad and had some tense bits. My favourite was chapter 15. This story's about a girl named Beauty and her mom (Dilly). Her dad always gets cross, even over the slightest thing. One is Dilly's cooking. So Beauty thinks if she tells her dad (Gerry) that she watches Sam and Lilly in the rabbit hutch he'll get cross. Home was only half of it; school was a nightmare. The girls at school always teased her, mostly Sky and her two friends. Sky and her two friends also call her names like "ugly". Her and her mom are tired of this.

by Jessica (10yo)


  1. i love this book i am all ready on my next book one of the sleepover books

  2. i loved this review i think i will read this cant wait till her next review


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