Challenges I'm joining for 2009

Graphic Novels Challenge 2009 (Jan 1 - Dec.31 2009)

Reason I can join: I read graphic novels all the time so this challenge fits with my regular reading.

choose a level of participation:
Minor: Read 6
Major: Read 12
Masters: Read 18
Doctorate: Read 24

Hmm let's see I have on hand

Louis Riel, 3 by Rick Geary, 2 Angel's that makes 6, I'd love to read Maus, Persopolis and the Sandman and the Fables series so I think I can safely say I'll join the Major Club and see if I can make it further.

The Pub Challenge '09 (Jan 1 - Dec. 31) read 9 books published in 2009

Reason I can join - I read arcs regularly and at time exclusively so this fits in with my regular reading. Only rule of note for me is that no children/YA books are allowed. I'll make a list as I go.

2009 ARC Challenge (Jan - Dec '09) read 12 arcs (any book sent for review purposes), must list all arcs currently in possession and keep it up to date.

Reason I can Join - same as above challenge and this one allows me to include children/YA books while the above one let's me use library/bought books. Perfect!

My list of arcs currently not read and in possession as of today:
1. Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs
2. When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson (currently reading)
3. Stalin's Children by Owen Matthews (currently reading)
4. Shadow of Colossus by T.L. Higley
5. Twisted by Andrea Kane
6. The Private Patient by PD James
7. Otherwise by Farley Mowat
8. The Lost City of Z by David Grann
9. Here's the Story by Maureen McCormick
10. The Jumping Off Place by Marion Hurd McNeely
11. The Levee by Malcolm Shuman
12. Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland
13. Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz
14. The Glister by John Burnside
15. The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews
16. Pieces of my Heart by Robert Wagner
17. American Rust by Phillip Meyer
18. Heck, Where the Bad Kids Go by Dayle E. Bayse
19. Testimony by Anita Shreve

The 2009 Young Adult Challenge (Jan - Dec 2009) read 12 books

Reason I Can Join - I read YA books all the time any way. I will make a list as I go along.


  1. Wanted to stop in and welcome you to The 2009 Young Adult Challenge. If you haven't already, feel free to join us at the Yahoo Groups where others are participating in this challenge as well as others.

  2. Challenges are so much fun. :-)

    I nearly decided to join the Graphics Novel Challenge again this next year, but have decided against it. It was a hard decision to make though.

    I am doing both the Pub and ARC Challenges, however.

    Good luck with your challenges and have a Happy New Year!

  3. Good luck with the challenges! I only join challenges that fit with my reading habits, too. It is too expensive to buy books exclusively for challenges!

    I hope to read Maus and Fables this year, too. I am just waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

  4. Thanks for joining the challenge Nicola! We have a few ARC's in common.

  5. Hope you enjoy Persepolis! I really loved it and hope to read Maus soon as well.


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