164. Pedro's Journal

Pedro's Journal: A Voyage with Christopher Columbus August 3 1492-February 14, 1493 by Pam Conrad

Pages: 80
Finished: Oct. 15, 2008
First Published: 1991
Genre: children, historical fiction
Rating: 3.5/5
Reason for Reading: read aloud to my 8yo for school

First sentence:

The ship's roster of the Santa Maria has me down as Pedro de Alcedo, ship's

Comments: Told in a diary format this is the story of Columbus' first voyage to the New World told through the eyes of young ship's boy. It document's well the voyage in search of a route to Asia looking for spices and silk. This is the second time I've read this book aloud and it does make for a good read aloud experience. Conrad mixes fiction with fact to portray a boy of the times who sees things that are wonderful and other things that he finds shameful. The book is a little on the "bad Spaniards/poor Indians" point of view and Columbus' Christian purposes are not brought into play in this story much at all. That aside, it is done is a respectful tone and not over the top politically correct at all. It is a short book, well written and the perfect introduction to children of the life on the high seas during the era of the great explorers.


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