161. Allies of the Night

Allies of the Night by Darren Shan
The Saga of Darren Shan, Book 8

Pages: 209
Finished: Oct. 8, 2008
First Published: 2002
Genre: YA, horror, paranormal
Rating: 4/5

Reason for Reading: Next in the series

First sentence:

It was an age of war.

Comments: Darren and Mr. Crepsley along with the others continue their quest to find and destroy the prophesied Lord of the Vampaneze. However, this volume takes a brief stop from the overall arching plot and plays out story of it's own which seems unrelated to the main plot but by the end things have turned in a new direction. My summaries are becoming vaguer and vaguer as I read along as I don't want to reveal any spoilers. Best thing about this entry in the series is the arrival of several people from earlier books. I had a hunch that two of them would show up again and was glad to find out I was right. This is just as engaging as the others in the series. Mr. Shan keeps the series fresh with twists and surprises plus he strays far from the formulaic pattern that can sometimes make long fantasy series become less interesting as they progress. But not so for this one. Every time I finish a book, including this one, I am eager to read the next to see where Mr. Shan will take the story next. Time to go put Book 9 on hold at the library.


  1. Now I'm kind of curious as to what a Vampaneze is!

  2. Glad you are still loving this series. I should really try out some of his other books as I loved these.


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