Monday New Review Books in the Mail (on Tuesday)

Last week I received 2 review copies. The second one of them came unsolicited but it looks very good so I'm not complaining. So back to the arc tbr pile. Last week's stats are two books in and two books read and reviewed the pile is exactly same size as it started!

Plus Puss Reboots sent me an old childhood favourite and I won one of her contests, receiving "The Fourth Watcher". Thanks Puss!


  1. Looks like you received some cool books.

    I've just gotten started in the book review business and I receive a few ARC each month, but I'd like to increase that. Do you have any suggestions for receiving/requesting more ARCs? Thanks!

  2. Hi Bobbi,

    My suggestions are:

    keep working on your book blog (I have people contact me out of the blue asking if I want an arc)

    subscribe to shelf awareness, an email trade newsletter that often offers arcs, sometimes many per newsletter, /

    Library Thing has an Early reviewers program you can sign up for if you belong to library thing.


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