Rip III Challenge

I really want to join the RIP III challenge and have been trying to avoid signing up but everywhere I turn it hits me in the face and I find I.MUST.JOIN.

So I'm going for Peril the Second, read 2 books, so I don't feel any pressure but I'm sure I'll end up with more than 2 by then end of the challenge which is Oct. 31st.

I won't be writing up a list but will pick the books as they appeal to me along the way. I read a book this week that fits the theme so I'm hoping I can count it as book number one.

The Vampire Prince by Darren Shan.


  1. It is difficult to resist when you see it EVERYWHERE, huh? I'll be joining as well but don't want to commit RIGHT now.

  2. I'm glad you decided to sign up :)

  3. Ooh no list - freestyling! I like that. :)

    Look forward to checking out your review posts.


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