146. The Vampire Prince

The Vampire Prince by Darren Shan
Cirque du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan Book 6

Pages: 192
Finished: Aug. 24, 2008
First Published: 2002
Genre: YA, horror
Rating: 4/5

Reason for Reading: Next in the series. And the book is due back to the library tomorrow!

First sentence:

Be careful who you trust.

Comments: I'm beyond the point in this series where I can give a plot summary without giving away spoilers from previous books. The story arc that has been building since book 4 comes to a close in this volume and a stunning ending sets up a new direction for book 7. I say this every time but this is a wonderful series that any vampire fan of YA is going to enjoy. No new characters are introduced in this volume but there is a setup for a new villain to come and I'm excited to read the next book, as usual! I'm just really hoping some of the characters from the Freak Show come back before the series ends.


  1. I'm glad you are still enjoying this seires. I like the rush factor getting it read before having to pay a library fee!

  2. I'm a little envious that you're able to keep up with a series. I tend to lose track with all those I begin after about half way.

  3. rhinoa, yep still loving this series! And I don't like paying library fines.

    john, that is exactly why I created a blog devoted to keeping me on track with my series!

  4. I really need to give this series a read. I have been reading Shan's other series "Demonata" which is super so far (I'm at book 5)

  5. Yes, I can't wait to finish this series so I can start on "Demonata"!


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