Monday's New Review Copies

Last week my mailbox was busy. Some of these arrived with the mailman in the morning and others arrived at suppertime with the UPS truck. Only a couple of these are actual ARCs, the majority of them are review copies of the final books. I'm excited to read everyone of these! I'm also happy to report that even though the review copy pile is getting bigger I seem to be staying on track and keeping on schedule with my reading.


  1. You're dong better than I am if you're keeping up with them. I am way behind on review copy reading. I have Admit One waiting for me and need to remind myself to get to it!

  2. Well right now I'm alternating, read an arc then read a book I own/library. As long as I keep the pile moving at a regular pace I'm feeling good about.

    Admit One really sounds like it could be fun!

  3. I just finished reading The Horseman's Graves. I also received it as an ARC. I really liked it. Here's a link to my review if your interested:

    I look forward to reading you review of it.


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