Mini Rant

So, when did I'd've become a word? I keep seeing it in new books I read, arcs and such.

I just looked it up and it isn't in my Oxford Dictionary. I don't even speak this way, I would say I'd have.

When do we draw the line at how many words we can combine in a contraction. I thought the rule was two! Are there no rules anymore??

What about this "I would have not had that extra piece of pie". Is is now OK to say I'd'ven't'd that extra piece of pie. ??

I'd've, sheesh, that word bugs me!

OK, I've just googled it and it seems I'd've is urban slang. I have to say that bugs me even more. Books are being written in urban slang now?!


  1. I'd've said I agree, but I'd've be lying. ;)

  2. It even just looks awkward, and that's before you start thinking about it!

  3. Yeah, and the book I'm currently reading even has these two:


  4. Oooh, I'm guilty of that myself in blogs and comments since it is the way I would say it. It would make my teeth grate in a letter or a more formal writing style.

  5. Good rant! I haven't come across this yet and hope I never will. It sounds / looks worse then "I ain't got"

  6. No kidding Teddy. What really gets me is I'm seeing these supposed "contractions" in the narrative.

  7. I haven't seen this one yet but man, this is awful!


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