Medical Mystery Madness Challenge

This challenge is right up my alley! I love forensic mysteries. Read 3 medical mysteries from June 1 to November 1.

My choices are:
The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen
Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass
Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell


  1. I read both Carved in Bone and Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass. The Body Farm is a pretty cool series, although there were a few kind of gross things. I mean, they do deal with dead bodies and such!!

    I love the CSI type books!

  2. Sounds good, stephanie. I've wanted to read this series for a while now. I like my mysteries to be on the gross side so it definately sounds like my type of book!

  3. Oh! Thanks for reminding me, Nicola. I wanted to put Carved in Bone on my possibility list, too.


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