91. Here We Go Again: My Life in Television

Here We Go Again: My Life in Television by Betty White

Pages: 289
Finished: May 19, 2008
First Published: 1995
Genre: autobiography, NF
Rating: 4/5

Reason for Reading: I'm trying to always have a non-fiction book on the go. I enjoy old-time celebrity autobiographies and I've always admired Betty White.

First sentence:

"And now, here is Betty White --a woman who has been on television

Comments: This is Betty White's autobiography which starts with her first amateur stage performances and then quickly gets to her television career. Being written in 1995, it only goes up to the end of The Golden Girls and the brief sequel The Golden Palace. Not only is this the story of White's life, it also reads as a history of television. Ms. White was there at the beginning in 1949 and starred on one of the very first TV shows, Hollywood on Television which she was on air six days a week for five and a half hours a day!

Ms. White has a wonderful written voice which reads in a friendly and witty style. She has lead an interesting life, has known many people in the industry, had a fairy tale marriage to the love of her life, Allen Ludden. Along with her popular shows The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show she was a staple in the game show industry from the fifties through the seventies where she was a regular guest on Match Game. Ms. White shows herself to be a classy lady with a high set of values that stardom never managed to diminish. The information on the early days of television is highly informative and entertaining. It is amazing to see how something so much a part of everyday life came to be and developed so fast.


  1. I've always loved Betty White. This sounds like a very nice read.


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