50. The Ironwood Tree

The Ironwood Tree by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi
The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 4

Pages: 108
Finished: Mar. 7, 2008
Reason for Reading: Read aloud to my 7yo. Next in the series.
First Published: 2004
Genre: children, fantasy
Rating: 3.5/5

First Sentence:

The engine of the station wagon was already running.

Comments: This one is a bit different from the others. Instead of the three siblings at Spiderwick estate, this book starts off at school where Mallory is kidnapped and the twins are together for much of the book looking for her in the Dwarf kingdom in the old quarry. The story also is much darker as there is a battle (with deaths) and Mulgarath (whom we've heard mentioned) makes his first evil appearance. The 7yo is anxious to read the last one and find out how it all ends.

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