40. The Random House Book of Mother Goose

The Random House Book of Mother Goose
(currently published as The Arnold Lobel Book of Mother Goose)
Selected and Illustrated by Arnold Lobel

Pages: 173
Finished: Feb. 22, 2008
Reason for Reading: read aloud to my 7yo. We read a few pages every school day.
First Published: 1986
Genre: children, poetry
Rating: 5/5

Comments: Contains 306 traditional nursery rhymes. All the familiar ones are included plus many more lesser known ones. Also many of the popular rhymes have more verses than are usually included in most collections. This book must be the crowning glory of Arnold Lobel's work. Each rhyme, no matter how small, has a detailed illustration to accompany it. This book has been a pure joy to share to with my 7yo. He loves to look at it and read his favourites. This book proves that nursery rhymes are not just for toddlers and I'd recommend this for early elementary ages. This book is a keeper!


  1. Did they keep them all as they were traditionally or did the sanitize them for a modern age? Did, for instance, the old woman in the shoe "whip them" or "kiss them" all soundly?

  2. No sanitization here! They are all very traditional, in my 1980s copy of the book. The old woman "beat them all soundly".

    But I don't know about the current version with the new title.


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