Movie Review - The Queen

The Queen

Director: Stephen Frears
Starring: Helen Mirren, James Cromwell, Roger Allam
Released: 2006
Own/Rent: Library
Reason for watching: Have wanted to see it. I used to be very big on the monarchy.
Rating: 4/5

Comments: I had to talk my dh into watching this with me, and fortunately, he ended up liking it as much as I did. Really a great movie that shows the royals from a very different angle. Mirren was fabulous as the Queen and I was really pleased to see Charles portrayed so low-key. The movie shined a positive light on everybody involved, I thought. And Blair was very interesting to watch. It was just a tad too political for me, since I know nothing of British politics and don't care for politics anyway. It's funny though, dh and I were talking and thought how few of the British PMs we knew of. Neither of us could name anyone off the top of our heads from recent years except Blair and Thatcher. Of course, if I go back in time I can come up with a few more: Churchill, Disraeli and Gladstone. I'm sure if I googled I'd recognize other names but off the top of my head that is all I know. But then, I'm sure the situation would probably be same if you asked a Brit to name Canadian PMs!

Trivia: Somehow talking about Brits and such I feel I should note that technically I am British myself. I was born in England and am a British citizen but have lived in Canada, as a landed immigrant, practically all my life.


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