Fairy Tale Friday

#3 - George and the Dragon (A Persian myth) - A dragon is terrorizing a kingdom and a lottery is held each day to find the person who will be sacrificed for the dragon's next meal. On the day that the king's daughter has been chosen a Knight of the Crusades is on the scene to save the day. This is the legend of Saint George.

#4 - Skinning Out (An Ethiopian myth) - Tells the story of why the snake can change his skin when it gets old but humans cannot.

#5 - Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow (An English legend) - Starts with very brief historical background of Kings Richard and John, and Robin of Locksey. Then tells the popular story of the day Robin Hood won an archery contest disguised as on old man.

#6 - Brave Quest (A Native American myth) - A young brave who has been scarred by eagles is in love with a girl who has been promised to the sun. The girl asks him to journey to the Sun and ask his permission to marry her. The brave has a long eventful journey and ultimately does the Sun a favour. We both really enjoyed this one and it was our favourite of the week.

#7 - Saving Time (A Polynesian myth) - Another tale of the Sun. In the days of long ago the sun used to speed across the sky making for very, very short days. One Polynesian boy decides to harness the Sun until he promises to slowly take his time across the sky so the Island People may have time to finish their work during daylight.


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