19. Strange Events

Strange Events: Incredible Canadian Monsters, Curses, Ghosts, and Other Tales
by Johanna Bertin

Pages: 140
Finished: Jan. 26, 2008
Reason for Reading: I have no idea. My eldest son gave it to me when he was getting rid of some of his books and I decided to keep it.
First Published: 2003
Genre: Non-fiction, history, paranormal
Rating: 2.5/5

First Sentence:

Most Canadians have heard of the Bermuda Triangle.

Comments: From the 1700s to the 1960s unusual events and sights that are a part of Canadian culture are recorded here. This takes more of a historical look at curiosities rather than a paranormal one. A far cry from a well-written book, nevertheless, I did find it interesting enough to finish reading. There were enough tales that were unfamiliar to me to keep it interesting, for example the Cadborosaurus. The expected Ogopogo is here, but I wonder at the exclusion of Sasquatch. Worth a read if you have an interest in this sort of thing.


  1. I think this book sounds really neat. I like to read about myths and legends. I think I might try to find a copy of this. My mom said we could check the internet. Thanks again!


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