12. Rage

Rage by Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King)

Pages: 131
Finished: Jan. 21, 2008
Reason for Reading: I'm reading Stephen King in order and this was the next book.
First Published: 1977
Genre: fiction
Rating: 3.5/5

First Sentence:

The morning I got it on was nice; a nice May morning.

Comments: This is the first book Stephen King published under the nome de plume of Richard Bachman. This is very different from the other books he had published at this time. I'm not sure if it really fits in under any specific genre other than just fiction. This is an angry story of an angry youth who, in his last year of high school, thinks he is going insane and one day takes his algebra classroom hostage at gun point after killing two teachers in the process. The story turns into a "Breakfast Club" type of scenario as the hostages and the hostage taker tell stories and learn about each other. Interesting story, well-written and thought-provoking. Recommend.

Next book up for my chonological Stephen King reading project is The Shining. I am looking forward to this one!


  1. One of my favourite Stephen King books is the next Bachman... 'The Long Walk'. It's such an unusual premise, and it's a plot I've never forgotten.

  2. It's been so long since I've read the Bachman books I've kind of forgotten them!! But I do love The Shining!!

    I think it's time for a reading just like you are doing. Stephen King in chronological order!

  3. frogdancer, I agree! I loved The Long Walk. I also really like The Running Man.

    stephanie, Cool! I will be looking forward to seeing what you have to say about these early ones. I was so young when I read these the first time that it is quite a different experience for me the second time around. But every book reminds me why he is such a great author.

  4. He is an amazing author. I've never read the Bachman books - although I have a feeling I need to give them a try. I will NEVER forget The Shining, though! (Especially reading it all alone in an empty apartment at night where the toilet, I discovered, had the habit of occasionally flushing all by itself!)


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