1. Sunwing

1. Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel
Second book of the Silverwing Trilogy

Pages: 300
Finished: Jan. 1, 2008
Reason for Reading: next in the series. Series challenge. Canadian challenge
First Published: 1999
Genre: YA, animal fantasy
Awards: Mr. Christie's Book Award, Ruth Schwartz Award, CBA Libris Award
Rating: 4/5

First Sentence:

Wings trimmed tight, Shade sailed through the forest.

Comments: Silverwing and other members of his tribe go on a journey and search for his father. Their final destination lands them deep in the South American jungle. What they had hoped to discover is far from what they actually find. I can't go into any more details of the plot as it would give away too much. The plot was based on an amazingly disturbing bit of US military history. (link, don't look if you intend to read the book as it is a major spoiler)

This is a dark story, one that is not expected. The evil creatures are very evil and there are scenes that make you squirm. The characters are compelling and life-like. A page-turner of a book that made me stay up late to finish. All the plot lines left open from the first book were resolved and the book has a complete ending giving no indication that there will be another book to follow. It will be interesting to see where the plot goes in the last book, Firewing.


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