119. The Case of the Missing Marquess

The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer
An Enola Holmes Mystery

Pages: 216
Finished: Nov. 24, 2007
Reason for Reading: Saw it on display at the library and was intrigued by it.
First Published: 2006
Genre: children, mystery
Rating: 3/5

First Sentence:

The only light struggles from the few gas street-lamps that remain unbroken, and from pots of fire suspended above the cobblestones, tended by old men selling boiled sea snails outside the public houses.

Comments: Enola Holmes is the much younger sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes. She wakes up one morning to find that her mother has disappeared and as she searches for his missing mother she finds herself in the middle of the kidnapping of a young marquess. This is a fun, light read with an enjoyable story. My main problem with the book was the main character who was just not believable for me. She felt like a modern girl who had been plopped down in Victorian times. Her attitude and behaviour did not come across as a product of the time. But still, a cute story.


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