#107. Eye of the Crow

Eye of the Crow by Shane Peacock
The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His 1st Case

Pages: 250
Finished: Nov. 3, 2007
Reason for Reading: saw it on display at the library and since I love Holmes, thought this might be interesting. Also qualifies for the Canadian Book Challenge.
First Published: 2007
Genre: YA, mystery
Rating: 4/5

First Sentence:

Murder came in darkness.

Comments: Young Sherlock Holmes is a poor boy of a mixed-marriage (Jew and Gentile) and is an outcast even in the impoverished outcast society he lives within. He becomes fascinated with the brutal murder of a young lady nearby and as he tries to find out about the murder he finds the finger of the law pointing to himself. Sherlock must find the real murderer to save not only himself but a wrongly accused Arab youth.

I really enjoyed this book. The Sherlock Holmes character develops through the book and we find the answers to many questions as to why Holmes is the way he is. The Victorian atmosphere is dark and moody as are the cast of characters. We also meet with a smile a few familiar characters from the canon of Holmes. The fast-paced plot and a bloody murder make for a riveting read. Highly recommended.


  1. Good find. Not the type of book I typically think of when I think of Canadian Lit. It also ties in with my Great Wednesday Compare, too. Quite amazing how many authors have usurped the Holmes character.

  2. I agree John not your typical Canadian book. But I do find a lot of Canadian Lit. to be dark and moody, so it fits in that respect :-)

    One note of interest, the author, in his last year at univeristy studied under Robertson Davies, one of my all time favourite Canadian authors.

  3. Oooh...this looks like something I would really enjoy!

    I love Sherlock Holmes.

    Thanks for coming by my blog!

  4. Nicola,

    I don't think this book has been nominated for the Cybil award for YA FIction yet. If you liked it well enough to nominate it and if you haven't already nominated something else . . . here's the adress for nominations: http://dadtalk.typepad.com/cybils/2007/10/young-adult-fic.html


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