#84. Into the Wild

Into the Wild by Erin Hunter
First in the Warriors series

Pages: 272
Finished: Sept. 29, 2007
Reason for Reading: I've wanted to read this series for a long time so I picked this as a choice for the Four-Legged Friends Challenge
First Published: 2003
Genre: children, animal fantasy
Rating: 3/5

First Sentence:

A half-moon glowed on smooth granite boulders, turning them silver.

Comments: It took me a while to like this book. First, the plot is pretty much cliched and predictable. Second, and mostly, I just had a hard time warming up to the animals. I didn't find anything likable about packs of stray, feral cats with ticks, slit ears and missing tails, Yet, as I kept reading I was slowly won over by the personalities of the main characters. I think I would have liked this better if it had been set in a world without humans (such as in Redwall or Ga'Hoole) as it would have been easier to accept the cats as dignified characters. For the first 7 or 8 chapters I just kept thinking some Twolegs (humans) should get the SPCA in there and rescue these poor cats! But eventually I warmed up to the characters, Firepaw and Bluestar especially, and while the plot was predictable it moved along at a good pace and the set up for the next in the series is intriguing and puts me in the position of wanting to find out what happens next. So we'll see if the second book is good enough to make me keep reading the series.


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