The Siege of Krishnapur

The Siege of Krishnapur by J.G. Farrell
pages: 344
finished: June 28, 2007
Awards: 1973 Booker Prize
Reason for reading: 1) I'm reading the Booker winners. 2) I enjoy historical fiction set during the Indian Mutiny or just British Empire India.
Rating: 5/5

first sentence:

Anyone who has never before visited Krishnapur, and who approaches from the east, is likely to think he has reached the end of his journey a few miles sooner than he expected.

Recommend: Yes! Set in India during the years of the Indian Mutiny in British Empire India, this book runs the gamut of emotions. Humourous at times, yet startlingly real with descriptions of rotting death and disease. The crowning glory of this book, though, is the characterization. We meet a motely crew of characters who, each in their own way, impress upon the reader that he is not likely to forget them soon.


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