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Sunday, December 2, 2007

December Reading List

Last month I set up this little reading list to help me stay on track with my challenges reading. I refered to it all month and have decided to keep making a list like this every month. Here is my list of what I must read in December to keep up with my challenges

1) The Bluest Eye (Seconds, From the Stacks) review here
2) Silverwing (Four-Legged Friends, Book Awards, Canadian) review here
3) Yellowknife (Canadian) didn't get to. #2 above qualifies for Canadian
4) Holes (Newbery Project) review here
5) Lirael (GRTB, Series Challenge) review here

Here is where I stand with my challenges.

Seconds Challenge - 3 books by Dec. 31, 2007
2/3 - 1 month left
**read last book**

1) The Bluest Eye

From the Stacks Challenge - 5 books by Jan. 30, 2008
4/5 - 2 months
**read last book**

1) The Bluest Eye

Four-Legged Friends Challenge - 5 books by Feb. 26, 2008
3/5 - 3 months left
**read a book a month**
1) Silverwing
2) Swamp Cat

Series Challenge - work on reading series already started Dec. - May, 2008
no specific number of books
** will start working on finishing series already started **

Book Awards Challenge - 12 books by June 30, 2008
8/12 - 7 months left
choosing books as I go along since I totally ditched my start up list
** read a book a month**

Canadian Book Challenge - 13 books by July 1, 2008
6/13 - 7 months left
Choosing books as I go along
**read a book a month**

Go Review That Book Game on LibraryThing
**try to participate each month**
ie, read a book a month

Newbery Project - ongoing, no due date
my progress list is here
** try to read a book at least every other month**

Stephen King Project - personal challenge
(re)read all King's works in chronological order
next up is Rage.
**try to read one at least every other month**

Challenges That Haven't Started Yet

First in a Series Challenge - 12 books Jan. - Dec. 2008
choosing from this list
**read a book a month**

YA Challenge - 12 books Jan. - Dec, 2008
my list is here
**read a book a month**

Cardathon Challenge - read Orson Scott Card books from Jan - Dec, 2008
no specific number of books
my progress list is here
**try to read at least 6 books**


  1. Sheesh! You get a gold star for being an Oraganization Queen with this post!! I'm afraid to break down my reading lists by challenges. If I do, I'll just see how far behind I am!!

  2. haha! Well, it was mostly just cut n paste from last month's list but I am a very list-centered type of person. I just love crossing something off a list!

  3. aren't lists grand?

    I think part of the appeal of the book challenges is making the lists.

  4. I so agree raidergirl! When I decide to join a challenge I get giddy at the thought of making up the list.