19. Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Unfortunately, this is a serious let down for a third and final book in the trilogy. Book One could have stood on its own but book three, Acceptance, feels like the end of this trilogy was dragged out of the author. I like narratives which switch from person to person but Acceptance not only does that but flips from past to present without any segues. If you haven't read books 1 & 2 you will be completely lost and if you have read them, you may still be completely lost. This book solves no riddles nor answers any questions; I could read pages and not care what I read. I feel like the author had to pull this one out long and slow. Book One is fantastic and highly recommended. Book 2 is pretty good, too. I can't say don't read the whole trilogy but after book 2 it's all downhill. My favourite current author disappoints.


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