TV/Movies watched in 2017

This is a running list for the year. The list will include the movie and indicate whether it is a re-watch otherwise, it can be assumed it was my first time watched. I mainly watch TV series though and am addicted to Season binging.

Title (the year)(rewatch?)(stars)(5/5)

No rules here just a list with a bit of extra information. I will also probably note who I watched it with.

January: 14

1. The FBI Files Season 1 (1998) - Discovery crime documentary - I've seen lots of random episodes but never the whole thing before.

2. Pete Burns: The Last Interview (2016) - A one-hour UK TV documentary by BBC or similar.

3. Inspector Morse Series 5 (1991) - 5 one-hour episodes - UK crime drama by ITV - I've seen every episode of this mostly more than once but never all in order before.

4. Hoarders Season 2 (2009) - Reality show by A&E.

5. Criminal Minds Season 6 (2010) - CBS crime drama. A really annoying season seeing two cast members go and a new one added. I hate this new girl! She has no character and looks so much like JJ it's hard to tell them apart. Season finale brings some hope for the next season. The individual cases are just as good as ever.

6. Wallander Series 4 (2016) - Final season of this BBC scandi-crime show starring Kenneth Branagh. Very moody and gloomy with a bittersweet ending.

7. Most Evil Season 2 (2007) - Investigation Discovery's crime documentary featuring mostly serial killers.

8. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962) An old b/w British movie based on the story of the same name by Alan Sillitoe which I read last year. Really fun to see actor John Thaw (Inspector Morse) as a young thug!

9. Sopranos Season 6 (2006) - The final season of this HBO series is amazing! One of the best TV shows ever made.

10. Inspector Morse Series 6 (1992) - UK crime drama by ITV -Classic series continues par excellence. I'm re-watching this in order.

11. Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 (2003) - Nickelodeon animated series - I've ever only seen a few random episodes of this but always enjoyed it. I'm really enjoying this.

12. Sherlock Series 4 (2017) - BBC crime drama - Totally jumped the shark! Very disappointed.

13. Hitchcock (2012) - Fox Pictures: Helen Mirren Anthony Hopkins; I read the book this was "based" on and the movie tells a completely different story. I've read a lot about Hitchcock and most of this is just glancing over the real truths behind the man. Very disappointing!

11. Inspector Morse Series 7 (1993) - UK crime drama by ITV - Only three hour-long episodes for this series but this year is Morse at top form.

12. Most Evil Season 3 (2008) - Investigation Discovery crime drama. Final season withDr. Michael Stone. Still enjoying this even if there is a lot of repeat.

13. Criminal Minds Season 7 (2011) - CBS crime drama. Thank God everybody is back and the team is together again with no newbies. Most episodes were according to form and what you expect with a couple of stellar episodes and a good season ending though it means one of the regulars is leaving again.

14. Inspector Morse Series 8 (1995-2000) - UK crime drama by ITV - Nott really a season but a series of movie-length episodes filmed yearly with a gap before the final one. These are the best episodes of the whole show with fantastic dialogue and production value. Probably because they had a whole year to focus on one "episode". The final episode is really sad and is the only one I had never seen before.

February: 8

15. Crazy Love (2007) crime documentary. Good.

16. People Magazine Investigates S1

17. I, Witness S1

18. To Catch a Killer S1 (8-episode TV show)

19. Most Evil S4

20. The 1980's: The Deadliest Decade S1

21. Autopsy: Last Hours of ... S1 & S2

March: 14

22. Autopsy: Last Hours of ... S3

23. Autopsy: Last Hours of ... S4 & S5

24. Most Evil Men and Women in the World

25. Drunk History S1  (movie, documentary)

26. Autopsy: Last Hours of ... S6  (documantary, medical)

27. Killer Legends (movie, documentary, true crime)

28. Cropsey (movie, documentary, true crime)

29. Truth is Stranger Than Florida S1  (true crime)

30. A Very British Hotel S1

31. Secrets of the Underground S1

32. Team Foxcatcher (movie, documentary, true crime )

33. Evil Kin S1  (true crime)

34. Drunk History S2 (comedy, docu)

35. Evil Kin S2 (true crime)

April: 8

36. Criminal Minds S8

37. Autopsy: The Last Hours of... S6

38. Alone S1

39. Feud S1

40. Bates Motel S5 finale

41. Killer Conclusion S1

42. Hell House S1

43. Despicable Me - all right.

May: 7

44. Spider Baby

45. Bucket of Blood

46. Tales of Terror

47. Monster in My Family S1 & 2

48. Mommy Dead and Dearest
49. The Staircase (8-part mini-series)

50. Staircase II




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