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I just found out about this and it is a way to counter the book blogging trend of no comments these days. I'm as guilty as anyone else but I miss the old days where we were a smaller community and everyone knew everyone either from following their blogs or just seeing their names regularly in other people's comments.  This "Adventure" is hosted and conceived by Megan at Leafing Through Life. Click here to join the fun.

1. Bloggin' Bout Books - I found out about this challenge when I clicked on her comment on my blog. Susan and I have followed each other for years. So I went back and found her first post where she blogs about "Never Missing, Never Found—a new YA novel by Amanda Panitch. It is definitely my kind of book and added to the tbr. Susan laments about the fact that thrillers have never been a popular YA genre and like myself has recently found several coming out these days. Here's to hoping it's a new trend.

2. The Book Mine Set - Nobody had commented on this post yet so I went to my blog feeder and my first (non-strictly comic book related) blog is John's who I have been following for at least ten years. We even both got interviewed in the newspaper when he gave them my name when his Canadian Reading Challenge became popular! John is an interesting fellow for many reasons, one being that he lives in the Canadian Arctic! His latest review is on an Arctic explorer which is one of my favourite topics:  "The Man Who Mapped the Arctic by Peter Steele".

3. kay's reading life - Oh dear, nobody had commented on that post either so I'm back to my blog feeder and my next book blogger. Again, I've been following Kay for years. She used to blog under a different name. She's given up blogging for the time being but still pops in from time to time and her latest post tells us all about Litsy the newest reading app. I'm so jealous about it and want to join but it's US only at the moment so no go for me yet. ETA: Oops Litsy is worldwide. The reason I can't join is they only have an Apple app at the moment. I'm waiting for an Android app!

4. read_warbler - Kay's first commenter was Cathy. I've read Cathy from time to time. Her latest post is a list of the books she read in June. I haven't read any of them but 4 of the six are mysteries so right up my alley. One was a Georges Simenon book and he's one of my favourite writers. I read his psychological books, though, not the Maigret ones.

5. Here, There, and Everywhere (2nd edition) - Cathy's first commenter was DesLily who I used to read all the time when there was only a first edition! She's a big fantasy fan which I used to be (still am actually) but have not read that genre seriously in years now. Her real name is Pat and it looks like she's on a mystery/thriller run these days. Her latest post is about "Since She Went Away by David Bell". I've never even heard of the author but this is just the type of thing I like to read. Pat's read seven of his books now. I'll certainly have to put him on my list.

6.  Tea Time with Marce - Pat's first commenter was "read-warbler" again so I'm back to my blog feed. Next book blog is Marce's; I love everything she reads as she's big on mystery/thrillers and she has kept my tbr full ever since I started reading her a few years back. She lives in Bermuda of all places! Marce talks about Andrea Kane's latest book in a series I've not read, "The Murder That Never Was". I did read the author once though and liked it. This series is some sort of forensics/intrigue theme which sounds to die for!

7. Alternate Readality - Marce's first commenter was Jenny. This is my first ever visit to her blog. Her latest post is on "Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella". I haven't read this author as I do not like chick lit at all and unfortunately, Jenny didn't find this one very satisfying either giving it only 2 stars. But she reads other types of books and I'll be back to visit again.

8. On the Wings of Books - Jenny's first commenter was Marce again but since she got so many comments on this one I went to the next commenter, Kimberly. Another first time ever blog visit! Kimberly posts about the second book in a series "Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton".  This is a romance that doesn't interest me but one of the main topics is cheese, which I adore! I loved Kimberly's review though and will be back to read her reviews,

9. The Written Word - Kimberly didn't have any comments yet on this post and the next post had Jenny again ... soooo I'm back to my blog feeder. I've been reading Kelly's blog since I started book blogging. She's had a tough time blogging the last couple of years and this year tried out a "Week in Review" format and has been 100% successful. It is so nice to read her regularly again. Her week in review includes a novel, an audio book, and several comics/graphic novels. Kelly is a great commenter so always has lots of comments on her blog.

10. I Wish I lived in a Library - My final stop heading over from Kelly's is another new-to-me blogger. Katherine P has probably the best-named book blog I've ever heard! Katherine blogs about an author I've heard of but never read, "Better Get to Livin' by Sally Kilpatrick". This book sounds so me! It takes place in a funeral home and the main character is a beautician there who can talk to dead people! That book fits the theme of this blog so much I just have to read it!!

Well, that was a lot of fun. I'm so glad I participated!


  1. So glad you joined in the fun! Most of these are blogs I've heard of, although I haven't visited some of them in a long time. Thanks for the reminder to check on them. Also, there are some great-looking book recommendations here. I'm on a mystery/thriller kick right now, so I'll definitely be taking a closer look at the ones mentioned.

  2. Thanks so much for playing along with the comment adventures. I miss the days of the smaller community, too, when we all knew each other and talked to each other on our blogs instead of through umpteen other social medias. That said, it's pretty fun to be able to do these adventures and having a seemingly endless crowd of book bloggers to meet for the first time!


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