The Double Hook by Sheila Watson

The Double Hook by Sheila Watson; F.T. Flahiff (afterword)
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Paperback, 130 pages
Published 1969 by McClelland & Stewart
first published 1959
Source: purchased secondhand

This is the most incomprehensible book I've ever read. Short blurbs skipping all over about perhaps a dozen people in a rural setting. It never tells you what's happening, you have to infer it. I figure an old lady dies, perhaps her daughter and son killed her. The son runs away, beats up another man so bad he goes blind. The daughter sets the house on fire killing herself. Towards the end, we figure out a character called "the girl" is about to give birth. Now I'm going to read the "Afterword" and see if it tells me what this book was actually about. I can't stand books you have to study and interpret to understand them. One star since I managed to make it to the end. ETA - I'm none the wiser since reading the "Afterword" :-0


  1. Isn't it??? I read this years ago and I was completely baffled. lol

  2. Me too! (

  3. It's a relief to see I'm in good company with this one. John, at lest you seemed to understand what she was going on about more than I did!


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