Ballad by Blexbolex

Ballad by Blexbolex

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An absolutely beautiful piece of work but an awkward book to categorize or generalize. This has been nominated in the graphic novel category for the Cybils but mostly as it fits there better than anywhere else. It's not going to appeal to the average graphic novel enthusiast though. I'd describe this as a long picture book, illustrated artistically, with as much, if not more (?) appeal to the older reader than a young child. Text and illustration go hand in hand here with the illustration being the prime mode of storytelling and the text mostly short two words in a stylized cursive font. This is a piece of art. The story is whimsical. The kind of tale children make-up in their heads as they play (or used to before internet), of bandits and dragons and queens, kidnappings, witches, spells and heroes. A joyous fairy tale! And again to show how hand-in-hand the text and illustration are the text mimics the art; when the world goes upside down so do the words, when the crowds and people get jumbled up so do the words and when the scenes are hidden in the dark the words are missing too. This is a very unique experience and will not appeal to those interested in a normal reading experience but if you enjoy something unusual, avant-garde even don't hesitate to read this little treasure.

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