The Sixteen (Soul Jumpers Book 2) by Ali B

The Sixteen by Ali B

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Soul Jumpers (Book 2)

Excellent! A fine follow-up to "Iris Brave". A non-stop adrenaline rush from beginning to end. I had a few problems with the first book but those can be attributed to author's first-book-syndrome as they have been cleared up in this sequel. Iris is a fine character and one I've grown to care about. She is no longer so impulsive, yet still courageous, making her a much more believable, real character. I love the unique plot and while book one was mainly a set up, "The Sixteen" was action, through and through. We meet a great quirky bunch of supporting characters here and the ending brings a surprise twist. I also like that even though the book ends with rising action as Iris starts out on the next part of her journey, the plot here has a definitive climax and the reader finishes with a sense of satisfaction. A great second book and I'm highly looking forward to continuing this series. Bravo!

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