Goofballs #1: The Crazy Case of Missing Thunder by Tony Abbott

The Crazy Case of Missing Thunder by Tony Abbott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Goofballs #1

Tony Abbott has written a lot of beginning chapter books for the Gr. 1-3 age range but this is the first time I have got around to reading any of his work. The first book in the Goofballs mystery series is just what one expects from a well-written piece in this genre. I enjoyed the characters, story and humour. This is a fun group of kids who have a unique detective agency, different from the usual. The first book in a series like this usually is about how everyone meets and how they got started detecting. I really like how Abbott dumps us right into the middle of these kids' lives. They've already solved a case, are famous in their town, are wanting another case to work on and get that call when we first meet them, an established group with a past. The only thing that bothered me was a bit of behaviour which was rather risky: going to meet a strange man way out in the boondocks. Now mom does come along but I'm thinking this is not a good idea even if mom should happen to have a taser in her pocket. But she doesn't and she then decides to stay in the car and let the kids go in the huge mansion in the middle of nowhere all by themselves. Not exactly a swift move for mom, but otherwise an entertaining mystery for this age group.

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