444. Advent Meditations With Fulton J. Sheen

Sunday Christian Book Review

Advent Meditations With Fulton J. Sheen 


2007, Liguori Publications, 31 pgs


"Drawn from Archbishop Sheen's best-selling books, these 28 reflections will lead you day by day through the Advent season. Eloquent quotes are paired with beautiful Scriptures on the themes of the season—patience, waiting, gift, hope, humility, joy—and more. Spend a few quiet moments of each day with one of the 20th century's greatest preachers, preparing your heart to receive the Savior of the world."

Was gifted a secondhand copy from a friend when she was clearing off her shelves.

This is a little book to be used for daily morning devotions during Advent.  It contains enough readings for a complete 4 week Advent so can be used any year.  This year (2013) Advent was over on a Tues. so there were still 4 more days left over.  Every morning before I got out of bed, I did my daily reading and had the sentiments to ponder upon for the day.  This is very short, sweet and simple, taking less than 5 minutes each day.  Each day is the same: labeled with the day of the week, a title connected to the day's theme, a quote by Fulton Sheen, then the title of his book where the quote came from and finally a relevant quote from scripture.  Nothing very special, but a nice little book to use for one year anyway.  I will pass it on to someone else near Advent next year.  This booklet is only available through the publisher but is available on the Kindle.  It has also been combined into a larger book (now available) which contains this and has been lengthened to continue on through the twelve days of Christmas and includes extra material, "Advent and Christmas With Fulton J. Sheen"


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