215. Purgatory: The Purifying Power of God's Healing Love by Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP

Sunday Christian Book Review

Purgatory: The Purifying Power of God's Healing Love by Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP

Rating: (3.5/5)

(US) - Out of Print

May 17, 1996, Pauline Books & Media, 31 pgs

Age: 16+

Purchased a secondhand copy from a garage sale.

The belief in Purgatory is one of the reasons I converted to Catholicism.  In fact, I always believed in it, in my heart, even when I was a Protestant.  A God who only had prepared a Heaven for the holy and Hell for those who chose not to accept the Light didn't seem "right".  What about those who deserve Heaven but didn't make it to holiness on earth?  I knew God must have the answer to this, only I had to find it and indeed I did.  This little booklet is not exactly the most well-written piece of literature and is somewhat dry but it very concisely, with a good dose of quotes from scripture tells you what Purgatory is, what it is for, where it is in Scripture, why it must be real, the beauty of it and rebuttals to the top three objections given by Protestants.  Finally, the book ends with several prayers for the dead.  Quite a lot of territory covered in this little package!


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